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CIMA P2 Advanced Management Accounting - Free Exam Resource Page

We've compiled a great selection of useful resources from all over the internet to help you to prepare for the CIMA Management Exams

Go to and sign up for free access to CIMA Study Texts and practice questions for the CIMA P2 exam.

If you’ve found any other resources yourself why not share them on the discussion board below, students perform at their best when they are all helping each other out!

Other General Help and Advice

Approaching Objective Test Questions

Beneficial information on what you can expect and how to approach the objective test questions.

Objective Test Style and Format *

A helpful insight into the different ways the questions will be formatted.

Study Tips From Students

Great advice from current and former students on the most effective ways to revise the course content

5 Tips on how to Reduce Stress and Improve Focus

Tips on how to minimize stress and improve focus leading up to your exams.

Benefits of Peer Learning

An interesting article highlighting the benefits of studying with peers

*These links are to the CIMA website which will require you to log-in using your CIMA Connect details.

Cost Planning and Analysis for Competitive Advantage

Control and Performance Management of Responsibility Centres

Long-term Decision Making

Management Control and Risk

P2 Technical Articles from CIMA Connect

This is a summary table of key articles from CIMA Connect. You will find these a helpful addition to the Astranti resources above.

CIMA P2 Syllabus Topic - Control and Performance Management of Responsibility Centres

CIMA Syllabus Weighting - 30%

60 Challenging Objective Test Style Questions in each CIMA Mock Exam

Prepare for the CIMA Exams and perfect your exam technique using our realistic mock exams, written carefully to simulate the real CIMA exams.

Transfer Pricing

A short presentation which gives viewers a better understanding of what transfer pricing is, how it can be used by multinationals to avoid tax, how this affects ordinary citizens and introduces the "Arm's Length Principle" as the key to setting correct transfer prices

Types of Responsibility Centres and Performance Measurement

This article defines responsibility centre and the four different types that there are. This article also includes an accounting perspective, which is useful for the P2 exam.

Budgetary Control

Article that gives a brief overview of budgetary control and the process that managers follow in a business.


Discussion of the different ways of performing financial statement analysis including examples of ratio calculations and comparisons.

CIMA P2 Syllabus Topic                                        Cost Planning and Analysis for Competitive Advantage                               

CIMA Syllabus Weighting - 25%

Free CIMA Management Study Text

Sign up now and get instant access to your own free study materials including complete CIMA Syllabus Study Texts for E1, P1 and F1

Additional benefits include:

Relevant Costs:

Article that breaks down relevant costs and how this affects business making decisions.

Marginal Costing and Pricing:

Explains marginal costing and its features, with examples included. This article includes suplimentary information to be used alongside the Study Text for CIMA P2.

ABC Vs Absorption Costing:

This video discusses the key differences between Activity Based Costing and traditional costing systems in the context of managerial accounting.

Product Life Cycle:

This video explores the path products take through their lives - Introduction/Birth, Growth, Maturity, and Retirement/Decline. This video also illustrates what choices need to be made at the Decision Point stage of a product's life.

This is a useful revision video in prepation for your CIMA Objective Test.

Pricing Strategies:

A five minute video explaining the different types of Pricing Strategies, including pricing penetration, status quo pricing and price skimming.

Value Chain:

A great article detailing the Value Chain. Explains how businesses receive raw materials as input, add value to the raw materials through various processes, and sell finished products to customers.

This is a useful revision video in prepation for your CIMA Objective Test.

Total Quality Management:

This article includes a core definition of total quality management (TQM) and describes a management approach to long–term success through customer satisfaction.

This is a good introductory revision tool for the CIMA F2 Objective Test.

Customer Profitability Analysis:

A very comprehensive article explaining Customer Profitability Analysis. It includes a definition, value in performing the analysis, any issues and barriers and what to do with the results.

Backflush Accounting:

Video that defines and describes in detail Backflush Accounting which is commonly used in the Just-in-time theory. Includes useful examples.

Learning Experience Curve :

 Video that looks at the learning experience curve and its effect on study state production. Includes useful formulas and examples.

Theory of Constraints:

This short video explains how the concept of TOC philosophy, which helps companies experience substantial jumps in performance with little or no investment.

Theory of Constraints:

Detailed example of how the  theory of constraints can be applied when managing bottlenecks.

This is a useful revision article in prepation for your CIMA Objective Test.

CIMA P2 Syllabus Topic - Management Control and Risk

CIMA Syllabus Weighting - 15%

Like our CIMA Management Students Facebook Page

There are plenty more hints and tips in addition to other information available on our Managerial Facebook page. This page is specifically tailored to those students sitting the E2, F2, P2 and Case Study Exam.

Decision Tress

Definition of decision trees, with diagrams and helpful examples. Good addition to the information covered in the P2 study text.

Standard Deviation

Defines standard deviation as a measure of spread. Along with the mean, the standard deviation allows us to determine whether a value is statistically significant or part of expected variation.

Risk Management

David Hillson, The Risk Doctor, explains how to structure your risk process by asking (and answering) six simple questions.

PM Chalkboard's simple explanation of what a risk management is and that risks can be negative or, surprisingly, positive.

CIMA P2 Syllabus Topic - Long-term Decision Making

CIMA Syllabus Weighting - 30%

Try the Exam Practice Kit for free

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Net Present Value and Internal Rate Return

Explains IRR, PV and NPV in detail using definitions and calculations and examples.

Return on Capital Employment (ROCE)

Introduction to return on capital and cost of capital. Using these concepts to decide where to invest. This video is a useful addition to the content from the CIMA P2 Study Text.

Management Online Masterclass Recordings

The aim of these classes are to revise the key areas of the entire syllabus through detailed full-day sessions.

P2 Advanced Management Accounting Complete Course - The Full Package

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